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Leadership & Change Program’s

Transformation, sustainable change; how do you stimulate and realize this as manager and leader? Knowing yourself, being aware of your belief system, the needs and fears you have, are important. You need to know in order to lead in the context of your strategy and your focus on clients. What will that look like when you want your people to follow you?

We take you outdoors in nature or we stay inside, also on the workplace.  We have created some really impactful programs for GDF Suez and ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, where we designed and delivered sustainable results in collaboration (through existing silo’s). Reengineering was enabled through increased self-control of the management teams.

Team development

Systemic work is a method for diagnosing a team. I observe the composition and dynamics of the group of people. Each system has it’s own intelligence. This is the basis for my interventions.

Trust is key. Improve conversations that matter: address what needs to be said, with clarity, respect and feeling for the relationship. Do we really listen to each other? Are we acting as one team? Can we take the right and courageous decisions needed in, sometimes, difficult situations?  These questions are examples of topics addressed in team development sessions.

Executive coaching

Through reflection and inner-research we start to enlarge “the observatory, that we are”. What are our drivers, our beliefs and how do they influence our behavior. How can I improve myself in the workplace, and be aware of the bigger picture at the same time (the balcony & the dance floor). How can I be myself more, with skill?

In a range of conversations we look at you, your context and the (transformational) developments you are looking for. It’s an enriching process with a result of being more effective and happy with yourself!

Coaching Engels


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